D.V. Level Two Private Blog


This blog is available only to individuals who have taken and completed the National Anger Management’s Levels One and Two Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Certification training.

Mission statement of the blog :
to encourage Level two personnel to share their professional interests, experiences and concerns and in so doing contribute to each person’s personal and professional knowledge, growth and sense of camaraderie.

1) Membership is voluntary and can be discontinued at any time by so informing the facilitator [currently, Ron Potter-Efron].
2) No fees of any kind will be charged for joining or continuing in the group.
3) Confidentiality will be expected to be maintained: nothing written in the blog may be shared with outside individuals, groups or agencies without the express permission of the entry’s author and the blog facilitator.
4) Blogs will be sent to all members and the names and e-mail addresses of all members will be posted on these notes. [I put this in because I have found that maintaining secrecy of e-mail addresses is difficult and prone to error].
5) Case studies and client information may be shared but only when the clients’ names and identifying information are thoroughly concealed.
6) All members will be encouraged to write entries for the blog. Entries should be non-adversarial. The facilitator reserves the right to delete blog entries he or she deems inappropriate, although this right will be used with utmost discretion.

Blog activities:
Informal discussions of difficult situations with clients and/or workplace issues;
Informal reports of ongoing research and/or books and/or conferences, etc. relevant to the field;
Short biographical sketches to help members respond to each other.
Anything else deemed relevant and appropriate by the group.