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The Strange Election of Donald Trump

The strange election of Donald Trump - an Evolutionary perspective…

Have you noticed during the 2016 Presidential campaign cycle how the mainstream media (NY Times, CNN, NPR to name just a few) as well as many establishment figures - mostly Democrats but even some Republican leaning individuals - have displayed a Green, Post Modern, Pluralistic worldview. This level of consciousness places strong emphasis on harmony, community, and something of a world-centric perspective and related values.

Individuals who hold this worldview structure have an essential concern (and judgement) that one be either "sensitive to others" (good) or "insensitive to others" (bad). Green worldview individuals do not want to be viewed as exclusive, dogmatic, or greedy; and when they see others in the world displaying those qualities - they become quite critical. For example, if someone is not seen as "inclusive" then they are not only deemed wrong but down right inferior, and deplorable. The down side of this worldview has famously been called the 'Green Mean Meme'. Of course, the irony here is that there is a loss of their held values of "inclusiveness" and "sensitivity" if the other does not agree with Green values.

The on the positive side, the Green worldview structure is quite advanced in our culture and there are a significant number of very intelligent, sophisticated, and wonderful people who find themselves coming from this view of reality; in fact, it is considered the highest level in what is known as the 1st tier of human consciousness.

I would like to suggest there is a great opportunity for many individuals holding the Green worldview to avoid their Mean-ness by coming to realize that all the other worldviews (including those that elected Trump) MUST exist - and that our job as a society is to create opportunities for healthy expressions of these other perspectives. The Mean-ness of judgement and criticalness will only lead to unhealthy reactions and defensiveness - the end game of which is quite ugly. If we more fully embrace the distinction between the other's ideas - from the humanity of their being - we will slip into the 2nd tier of human consciousness - a gigantic leap in our capacity for understanding and complexity.

And this IS the telos of Evolution… moving from judgement and criticalness to understanding and fostering healthy expressions of all worldviews.

It may already be happening in strange ways all around us…. You cannot help seeing it if you look for it…

But most of all - Don't ever count out the Spirit of Evolution…