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Survival in a Safe and Generous World

               Crack! The right wheel on our SUV fell off. Not a good sign, especially when you’re surrounded by traffic on a freeway on the Friday before Christmas on a rainy/icy road. Ten seconds later we were stranded on the shoulder, about 80 miles from home. Scary.

                Fortunately, we live in a safe and generous world. We got home with the help of numerous benefactors. The first was the lady who answered our call for help on the OnStar Ready line. She immediately called the police while also trying to find a tow truck that could get us off the road quickly.

                Then came the police officer. He soon pulled in behind us and kept the right lane empty (causing a massive back up, I’m sure). He also refused to accept that we’d have to wait 1 ½ to 2 hours for a tow as the On Star lady (and AAA) said was the best she could do. He got a tow there in 30 minutes.

                Benefactor #3 was the young tow driver who brought us and the SUV to a mechanics shop several miles away. He seemed trained not only in the art of towing but also in reassuring frazzelled travelers.

                Benefactors 4 and 5 were family members: daughter Jenny who drove 50 miles each way to pick us up and bring us to her home and son Joshua who took us the next 20 miles home.

                It’s easy to focus upon the dangerousness, meanness, untrustworthiness, and even evil there is in the world. But not today. Not when an entire community of people emerged to help two stranded travelers get home.