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Focusing on the Positive by Noticing What is Freely Given to You

Focusing on the Positive by Noticing What is Freely Given to You by: Jenny Berger

During a recent conversation with my brother, he mentioned a practice that he does to appreciate some of the good things that happen in his life.  It was to keep track of the free goods and services that come your way.  So, here is a list of the items that have come my way in the last couple of weeks.

  • Free resume review
  • Free coffee, pop corn, cookie at oil change
  • Cookie, coffee, and sucker at the bank
  • Free table given to me to pass on to someone else
  • Iced tea drinks from co-worker
  • Shoveling of snow from sidewalk by neighbor
  • Free facial scrub from friend
  • Free shampoo sample at store
  • Free homemade bath softener from friend

Along with these items I also received some unexpected, validating statements.  A stranger told me I was a good person, my daughter told me I was a good sister for giving items to my brother, and a friend commented, “You are so involved in the community.”

Although none of the items are extremely valuable, focusing on these positive experiences has added to my enjoyment of the last couple weeks.


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