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Books for the General Public


These books are available in many bookstores and online through Amazon. com and through their publisher (New Harbinger or Hazelden). 

Healing the Angry Brain.    New Harbinger Publications.
     This is my most recent book for the general public. Here's a way to learn how, where, when and why your brain creates the emotion of anger, how anger can be a blessing when used well and a curse when overused or used poorly, and how you can utilize the principles of brain change (called neuroplasticity) to react with anger less often and to feel better about life. 
     Table of Contents: Introduction.
                                      Brain Basics.
                                      The Emotional Brain.
                                      The Angry Brain.
                                      The Causes of an Angry Brain.
                                      You Can Change Your Brain.
                                      Recognizing Unconscious Anger Activation.
                                      Avoiding Conscious Bad Choices.
                                      Developing Empathy.
                                      Further Study.
                                      Possible Medications That May Help with Anger.

SPECIAL HONOR: The researchers at WIKI have spent over 25 hours of research comparing anger management books. HEALING THE ANGRY BRAIN ranks third of all the many, many books that have been published on this topic. They cite the books "clear and precise details, self-empowering science, and empathy and conflict resolution sections."

You can view the Wiki at this url: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-anger-management-books

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Angry All the Time (2nd edition).  New Harbinger Publications.
        My best seller, with over 125,000 copies sold. Here I take a non-nonsense approach: "Look, buddy, you have a serious anger problem that you better face up to and make some real changes before you screw up your life even more". Easy to read, some humor, a couple cuss words where appropriate. This is a great motivational book because it breaks through denial but gives angry readers hope for their future. 
     Table of Contents: My Life is a Mess because of my Anger.
                                      Why? Why? Why Did I Become so Angry?
                                      Why Can't I Stop? The Six Main reasons People Stay Angry.
                                      The Anger and Violence Ladder.
                                      The Three Main Goals of Anger Management: Prevention, Containment, and Problem-Solving.
                                      Four ways to Become Less Angry.
                                      Fish or Cut Bait -- It's Time to Make a Promise.
                                      Climbing Down the Ladder, Part One: No More Violence or Threats.
                                      Climbing Down the Ladder, Part Two: Keep that Foul Mouth Shut until You Learn to talk Right.                            
                                      Believe it or Not -- They're Not out to Get You.
                                      Saying Goodbye to Old Resntments.
                                      I Need Help Too -- a Chapter for Partners of Angry People.
                                      Finishing Up.

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Rage. New Harbinger Publications.
       Rage is not just strong anger. Rage is an intense emotional experience during which the rager feels taken over as if by an outside force. Ragers say and do things they would never normally do. They may lose conscious awareness of what's happening to              them and they may seriously harm others or themselves during a rage episode. This is one of very few books that accurately describes the rage experience and helps people who rage get better.
      Table of Contents: What is Rage.
                                        What Causes Rage
                                        Sudden rage
                                        Seething Rage, Personal Vendetta and rampage.
                                        Survival Rage 
                                        Impotent Rage
                                        Shame-Based Rage
                                        Abandonment Rage
                                        The Bottom Line: A life Free from Rage.

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   Leting Go of Anger (2nd edition). By Ron and Pat.  New Harbinger Publications.
      This book is for you if you want to learn about a wide variety of anger problems and what to do about each of them. There are 11 chapters, each describing a particular "anger style." 
      Table of Contents: Introduction: Anger Problems, Anger Styles.
                                        Anger Avoidance: Trying Never to get Angry.
                                        Sneaky Anger: Showing Anger by Doing Nothing.
                                        Anger Turned Inward: Becoming the Target of your Own Anger.
                                        Sudden Anger: Blowing Up without Warning.
                                        Shame-Based Anger: Turning Shame into Rage.
                                        Deliberate Anger: Becoming Mad to Get What you Want.
                                        Excitatory Anger: Getting High on Anger.
                                        Habitual Hostility: Looking for Reasons to Get Angry.
                                        Paranoia: Feeling Attacked by Everyone.
                                        Moral Anger: Defending One's Beliefs and Vaues.
                                        Resentment/Hate: Long-Lasting Anger about Old Injuries.
                                        Conclusion: Letting go of Anger.

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Letting Go of Shame. By Ron and Pat. Hazelden Publications.
        Our classic, written in 1989 and still selling well. We try to make sense of the concept of shame, how it has value in moderation (A moment of shame tells me I have done something socially inappropriate) but also how too much shame that lasts too long can destroy your confidance and even your competence. The first half of the book details what shame is and how it develops. The second half helps people heal their shame.
       Table of Contents: Section One: Understanding Shame.
                                            Shame: A failure of the Whole Self.
                                            When Shame is Good.
                                            Excessive Shame: The Shame-Based Person.
                                            Shame Deficiency.
                                         Section Two: The Many Sources of Shame.
                                            The Roots of Shame.
                                            Growing Up Shameful.
                                            Current Shaming Relationships.
                                            Shame in Our Culture.
                                            How We Shame Ourselves.
                                         Section Three: Healing Shame's Wounds.  
                                            Healing the Wounds of Shame -- The Understanding Phase.
                                            Healing the Wounds of Shame -- The action Phase.
                                            Healing Shame from the Family of Origin.
                                            Healing Shame in Current Relationships.
                                            Healing the Wounds of Self-Inflicted Shame.
                                            Help for the Shame-Deficient Person. 

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Stop the Anger Now: A Workbook for the Prevention, Containmnet, and Resolution of Anger. New Harbinger Publications.
      Here is a carefully designed workbook that will help just about anyone with an anger problem find ways to stay calm. It has 36 exercises in all, divided into the larger areas of Prevention, Containment, and Resolution. The exercises are also divided by four main ways to intervene: cognitive, behavioral, affective and spiritual. 
         Table of Contents: Part One: Prevention: Actions, Thoughts, Feelings, and Spirit.
                                           Part Two: Containment: Actions, Thoughts, Feelings Spirit.
                                           Part Three: Resolution: Actions, Thoughts, Feelings and Spirit.

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30 Minute Therapy for Anger.   New harbinger Publications.
        This small book (an extra section is provided online) is a book of brief thoughts on anger, each accompanied by an exercise intended to help readers gain immediate help with their anger. Not much theory here, just quick pieces of good advice for someone who needs immediate assistance.
         Table of Contents: Part One: Identify Your Trouble Spots.
                                           Part Two: Set Realistic Goals.
                                           Part Three: Use Your Anger Well. 

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The Emotional Affair.  Ron and Pat Potter-Efron. New Harbinger Publications.
        The topic here is the "almost affair" in which one partner seeks out a third party with whom he/she shares emotionally intimate conversation, often without sexual involvement. This deep emotional sharing can be just as damaging as a physical affair, however, and can lead to the breakup of a marriage or committed relationahip. 
        Table of Contents: Is Your Partner having an Emotional Affair?
                                          How Your Partner's Emotional Affair Affects You.
                                          Why Would My Partner Have an Emotional Affair?
                                          Whose Fault Is It? Your Partner's? Your Rival's? Yours?
                                          Facing the Truth: Confronting Your Partner about the Emotional Affair?
                                          Are You Having an Emotional affair?
                                          A couple's guideline for Recovering from an Emotional Affair.
                                          Emotional affairs: The Internet and Beyond. 
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