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Books for Professionals in Mental Health

                                                                                                                                                                         Books for Professionals in Mental Health
                                                                                                                                   These books are available through their publishers and online through Amazon.com

Handbook of Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment (2nd edition).  2015. Routledge Publishing.
     The fields of anger management and domestic violence offender treatment have long been separated. Here I attempt to bridge this gap to increase the competenc of both anger management and domestic violence counselors. In addition, I describe in several chapters how anger is processed in a person's brain -- the neuroscience of anger -- and how this information can be utilized with and by clients.
     Table of Contents: 
          Part One: Anger, Domestic Violence and the Brain.
                               The Angry Brain.
                               Anger, Threat, Feeling Unsafe and Domestic Violence.
                               Rage: Predictor of Out of Control Anger, Aggression and Domestic Violence.
          Part Two: Assessment.
                               Assessment for Anger and Aggression.
                               Domestic Violence: Core Information and Assessment.
         Part Three: Treatment.
                               Intervention Approaches in Anger Management.
                               The Anger and Aggression Cycle: A Therapeutic Model
                               Group Treatment for Domestic Violence Offenders.
                               Alternatives to Group Therapy for Angry and Domestically Violent People: Individual, Group and Family Therapy.
                               Anger and Aggression Turned Inward.

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Brain Change Curriculum for Domestic Violence Offender Treatment. 2015. This almost 200 page book presents a complete 52 session treatment program (with exercises and assignments) for domestic violence offenders that is modeled upon the well researched and validated principles of brain change. It comes with optional 13, 26 and 52 session Participant Manuals. The Curriculum is also a component of the National Anger Management Association's certification program for domestic violence treatment providers.
The book and manuals can be ordered at Growth Publishing (go to [email protected]). For more information about domestic violence provider certification go to that page on this website.

Shame, Guilt and Alcoholism (2nd edition). 2002.The Haworth Press.
     Table of Contents:
                            Models of Shame and Addiction.
                            Shame, Vulerability and the four Spheres of Self.
                            Defenses Against  Shame.
                            Guidelines for the Treatment of Shame.
                            The Treatment of Shame with Alcoholic Clients.
                            Adaptive and Maladaptive Guilt as Related to Addiction.
                            The Treatment of Guilt -- General Considerations.
                            The Treatment of Guilt with Alcoholic or Addicted Clients.
                            Common Shame and Guilt Themes in Families Affected by Alcoholism or Addiction.
                            Alcoholics Anonymous, Shame and Guilt.
                            Creative Approaches to Shame and Guilt: Helping the Adult Child of the Alcoholic. (written by Patricia Potter-Efron).

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Anger, Alcoholism and Addiction. 1991. W.W. Norton Press.
     Table of Contents:
                            Inroduction: Definitions, Approaches and Goals.
                            Anger, Aggression and Chemical Abuse.
                            Models of Normal Anger, Anger Avoidance an dChronic Anger.
                            Anger Avoidance Treatment Considerations.
                            Assessment of Chronic Anger Problems.
                            The Functions of Chronic Anger.
                            Working with Chronically Angry Clients: General Guidelines.
                            Working in a Chemical Dependency treatment Setting.
                            Selected Treatment Considerations.
                            Chronically Angry Couples and Families.
                            Self-Destructive Anger.
                            Anger Issues of Therapists.

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