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Blog Guidelines

 1. All decisions about what will or will not be included in the Survive or Thrive Blog will be made exclusively by Ron Potter-Efron. 

 2. Articles submitted should be relevant to the overall theme of the blog, namely "survive or thrive" modes of operation in the world. 

 3. Articles must be original material, although brief excerpts with citations are acceptable. 

 4. Articles submitted as well as comments about those articles should be submitted in the spirit of a common enterprise devoted to increasing the knowledge and interests of the blog readers. 

 5. No profanity or personality attacks will be published. 

 6. Anyone who has a blog entry accepted for publication will be given the option of creating a mutual link with this web site. Both Ron and the blog submitter must agree to this process. 

 7. All published material is open to the public (not copywrited) and free to be copied and used by anyone (with proper citation).

 8. Length of articles: normally I am asking for relatively brief articles, 1-2 pages in length. However, this is not an absolute rule and longer articles may be submitted if desired.